2018 Korean Thanksgiving Day 'Chuseok' Event 2018-09-21 227

2018 Korean Thanksgiving Day 'Chuseok' Event

Time : 22nd(Sat)~23rd(Sun) Sep. 10:30~18:00

Venue : Millennium Hall, 1F, Incheon airport Terminal 1

Programs : All the performances and experiences are offered, free of charge.

* 'Wancho Works' : Wancho stands for "grass-ware" woven by a tool or hands using grass, Cyperusexaltatus var. iwasakii T. K OYAMA (in scientific name). Chosun dynasty valued Wancho highly, and royal palaces and aristocrats used it and exported it to foreign nations.

* 'Dae-Gum-Jeong-Ak' : "Jeong-Ak" means classical music enjoyed at royal palaces, public offices and music chambers where art lovers flocked together. Wind instruments played central roles in Jeong-Ak.

* 'Korean Traditional Tea Ceremony'  : The tea etiquette is restoration of heritage for Korean traditional tea culture. It has established tea culture and manners in daily life of Incheon areas.

* 'Hwi-Mo-Ri Jap-Ka'  : This is music genre popular in the late Chosun dynasty and early 20th Century. Long lyrics in narration format are sung with technical format are sung with technical musical diction. This genre is differentiated from folk music.