※ 2017 L/S 상설공연은 월별 평균 3개 이상의 공연이 Mix되며, 문화와 사람을 잇는 문화마당을 펼칩니다.
2018-01-15 ~ 2018-01-20

Violin Player 440

2018-01-01 ~ 2018-01-14

A cappella Group Joy Vocal


Public Area : A cappella Group Joy Vocal ㅣ    2018-01-01 ~ 2018-01-14

A cappella Group Joy Vocal


'Beautiful harmony of 4 person 4 colors a cappella vocal group’

Four-person, four-color vocal group comprised of musical actor, stage actor, and popera singer performing a cappella of popular and most loved pop songs, musical songs, movie and drama music, popera based on their powerful voice and unique styles, with colorful instrument in harmony.


* Repatory

Java Jive / Circle of Life(The Lion King OST) / Isn’t She lovely / Can’t help falling in love(All Shook up OST)

Thank you for the music(Musical Mamma Mia OST) / One day more(Les Misérables OST) / Frozen OST

홀로 아리랑 / 거위의 꿈 / 여행을 떠나요


* Performance Time : 1st 15:30 / 2nd 16:30 / 3rd 17:30

* Where : Millennium Hall, 1F,  Passenger Terminal