Public Area : Fusion Korean Traditional Music Group 'KUREUM' ㅣ    

Fusion Korean traditional music group “Ku Reum” is a social enterprise based in Incheon that offers various traditional Korean chamber music performances. 


* Repatory

Prince of JEJU(양방언),  민요의 향연,  Fly to the sky,

10월의 어느 멋진 날에, OST of Chinese Cinema 등


* Schedule :  11. 21~11. 27


* Performance Time : 1st 15:30 / 2nd 16:30 / 3rd 17:30


* Where : Millennium Hall, 1F,  Passenger Terminal


Duty Free Area : Visiting Performances ㅣ    

Incheon Airport presents surprise performances that visit audiences with various genres of music and contents, hoping to add a special memory to your journey.


Ballet X B-Boying Performance [MONSTER ACTION CREW]

A non-verbal performance combining ballet, modern dance and b-boying, presented by a monster action crew made up of ballerinas and b-boys.

*performance schedule : 11. 8~11. 9


Swing Jazz Performance [GYPSY IT UP]

GYPSY IT UP brings out the charisma of gypsy music in their swing jazz performances, which were popular among the French gypsies from the 1930s to 1950s,

*performance schedule : 11. 15~11. 17 / 11. 22~11. 23 / 11. 30



[Contemporary Quartette]

*performance schedule : 11. 17 / 11. 23


* Where : Passenger Terminal, Concourse

(*The place where the performance is being performed is subject to change.)


Next program (Public Area) : Popera Duo 'Festa' ㅣ    

Popera Duo ‘Festa’






* 레파토리(Repatory)

  NellaFantasia(영화 미션OST) / 너 하나만(뮤지컬 황태자 루돌프 中) / 10월의 어느 멋진 날에

/ 아름다운 나라(G20 세계정상회담 주제가) / All I ask of you(뮤지컬 오페라의 유령中)

/ 지금 이순간(뮤지컬 지킬 앤 하이드 中) / Take me as I am(뮤지컬 지킬 앤 하이드 中)

/ 사랑하면 서로를 알 수 있어(뮤지컬 모차르트 中)