2017-08-11 2017 Incheon Airport Asia∙Youth A Cappella Competition
2017-08-12 2017 Incheon Airport International A Cappella Competition
2017-08-13 A Cappella Gala Concert

A Cappella Gala Concert

ㅣ 2017-08-13(SUN)

New York Voices

This Grammy Award-winning vocal ensemble is recognized as the best a cappella group in the east side of the US with their jazz and group vocal performance. They are interested in a diverse of music genres, including Jazz, Brazilian music, R&B, classical music, and pop music. Since its foundation in 1987, the group collaborated for many artists’ albums, and performed together with world-renowned Jazz musicians, including Ray Brown, Bobby McFerrin, Nancy Wilson, and George Benson. The group also worked together with Lee Seung-chul, a Korean pop singer.



An a cappella quintet group pursuing the pleasure and romance of vocal art. Since its debut in 2012, the group won various competitions including the World A Cappella Competition, and the group is actively performing on Korean and international stages.


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Glamorous gala concert where competition winners and best a cappella groups will show their performances.